Technogel Deluxe Pillow

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A good pillow is more than fluff. It gently supports your head and neck. Relieves pressure. Keeps you cool and comfortable. The Deluxe pillow, a versatile, moderate height pillow in a classic shape makes a refreshing bed pillow for small-to-medium built back or side sleepers (and the periodic stomach sleeper too).


Enjoy cool comfort and exceptional support with a classic shaped pillow! The Deluxe offers a versatile moderately low-profile option for small-to-medium built back or side sleepers, or those who sometimes flip between the two.

Technogel’s patented gel is molded seamlessly to a memory foam base in an innovative new design that harmonizes with your body to create the ultimate sleep system. But, feeling is believing. Stop by to discover something more extraordinary than the rest.

  • Manufacturer: TECHNOGEL
  • Product Type: Pillow
  • Features:
    • Medical grade, non-toxic gel & virtually odorless
    • Technogel co-molded with memory foam
    • Soft “winter” cover can be removed and washed (directions on tag)
    • Made in Italy
    • 2 year warranty + 1 year when registered (free) = 3 year warranty


DELUXE PILLOW 26″ x 16″ x 4.5″

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